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Group Exercise: Levels of Measurement

In the ANES 2016 codebook, identify one nominal, one ordinal, and one numeric variable.

For the numeric variable, assess the reliability and validity.


(V162034a) Nominal
(V162125x) Ordinal
(V162288) yes reliable/ yes valid

Ordinal - V162275

Nominal - V161195

Numeric - V161199

Reliability & Validity = Yes

1. My numeric variable is V161183.
PRE: 7pt scale defense spending Rep Pres cand
type: numeric (float)
label: V161183, but 5 nonmissing values are not labeled
range: [-9,7] units: 1
unique values: 9 missing .: 0/4271
tabulation: Freq. Numeric Label
38 -9 -9. Refused
64 -8 -8. Don't know (FTF only)
170 1 1. Govt should decrease defense spending
152 2
228 3
572 4
719 5
1137 6
1191 7 7. Govt should increase defense spending
Answer: If their answer changes, but the target is stationary then it is a validity problem. If the answer changes and so does the target, then it is a reliability problem. So this is a validity problem because it is based on the mental state of the public.
2. My ordinal variable is V161188.
3. My nominal variable is V161216.

Ordinal: V161115
Nominal: V161034
Numerical: V161180- This is not reliable, answers can change based on what is going on when the question is asked. This question tests validity.

Nominal - Registration state, Ordinal - Feeling Thermometer: Democratic Presidential Numeric - How many programs about 2016 campaign did R watch on TV?
For the Numeric Variable, the validity of this question is sound because it is easy to comprehend, and its response will clearly answer the researchers question. The reliability is also superb because the consistency of the response should not change. It is a reliable question because it has a high propensity to receive the same response.

numeric-V161191 : its in reliable because everyone won't answer in the same way, and its to long and lose the respondent attention.
ordinal -V161141
nominal- V161244/V161247

Correction Ordinal - V161461x ^*