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Lab Assignment 3

Compose your answers in a Word/Pages/Google document (or the equivalent kind of file) and email prior to the due date or print and bring to class on the due date. Test your code in R before submitting your lab, so that you know it is correct.
Be careful to write the code exactly, or copy the code from the R console into your word processor to ensure accuracy.

1. Identify a categorical variable that you think would explain some variation in favorability toward the police. Compute descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation) and interpret the results.

2. Does the same categorical variable explain some of the variation in attitude toward science? Compute descriptive statistics and interpret the results.

3. What can you say sociologically about these two results?

4. Use a religiosity measure to create a categorical variable that would allow you to test the effect of religion on party affiliation. Compute descriptive statistics and interpret the results.